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Casters can be attached to the Performance Lineshaft Supports to create a movable section of conveyor.


Casters can be rigid, swivel, or swivel with lock.


NOTE: Supports with Casters requires a support brace kit part # 51B0023GR00.

Conveyor Caster Details

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Part No. Description Kit Price Assembled Price
51C0021GR01 Rigid Casters for Reno Conveyor Supports $ 23.37 $ 29.29
51C0021GR02 Swivel Casters for Reno Conveyor Supports $ 24.27 $ 30.19
51C0021GR03 Swivel Lock Casters for Reno Conveyor Supports $ 27.36 $ 33.28
51B0023GR00 Diagonal brace for Supports fitted with Casters. Requires 2 per Support. $ 11.34
F.O.B. Factory

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